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August 18, 2017

The Licking County Auditor began sending out letters to homeowners this week with updated property values used to determine property taxes for 2017/2018. Many homeowners were expecting to see an increase this year as property taxes have not been updated since 2011; however, many people have seen dramatic increases in their property value while others have only increased slightly. So you may be wondering how the Auditor determines the value your property if it varies so much from house to house and neighborhood to neighborhood. Well, the Auditor starts with a date of value of 01/01/2017 and uses comparable sales before or after that date in order to determine a base value. These sales combined with any information they have on updates you may have performed on your house, determines the assessed value. If you think your assessed value is above its market value as of this date, you can appeal your taxes directly to the Auditor in person or by hiring an appraiser to develop an appraisal to determine the value. The appraiser can appear with you at the hearing or you can bring the appraisal report without the appraiser. Feel free to contact me above for more information on the appeal process, or if you need an appraisal of your home. 

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